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Gardenia Tourism is a subsidiary of Gardenia International .Trading Company Which works in the Turkish market for real estate, and works in the trade of clothing and accessories Turkish, and works in the trade of building materials and export abroad, and also works in all customs clearance procedures

Our tours

  • Spanga Waterfall & Lake

  • Chocolate Factory Trip

  • Trip to the Jamilja Hill

  • Trip to Polo town and Abant Lake

  • Black Sea voyage Kelios and Belgrade forests

  • The Dolma Palace trip

  • Journey to the Bosphorus Sea Bridge

  • The Princesses Island Trip

  • Tour to the Islamic Museums and Covered Market

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Our Services

  • Therapeutic program for hair transplantation

    .A therapeutic program for hair transplantation in Istanbul 4Days, 3 Nights :First day We will follow your journey and our guide will be waiting for you at the airport for your reception and transportation to the hotel :the second day Moving from the hotel to the h...

  • University Services and Consultancy in Turkey

    University Services and Consultancy in Turkey   We provide services Gardena and consulting company domain-related education for students wishing to complete their studies in Turkish universities, by securing admission to Turkish universities and meet the needs of stude...

  • Founding companies

    Founding companies. Would you like to establish a company in Turkey? gardenia is the closest to you in just five days through legal accountants who carry out their duties by establishing companies. After establishing the company, following up the company's accounts an...

  • Turkish citizenship

    :Jardenia Travel & Tourism offers you the opportunity to become Turkish citizenship The Turkish government pursues the policy of granting citizenship to foreigners on the basis of the right to blood In this sense, if you have Turkish origins and belong to the Ottoman ...